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I am looking for good Preamp and Amp DIY kits for $200 or less. As well has a good starter DIY Kit because im new to the audio world, but i have has a set of beyerdynamic mmx300's for about 3 years or so, I just got my first amp and dac the other day, i have a I-Basso zero dac my brother gave me and i bought a Bravo V2 12AU7 amp.


First should i just mod the crap out of the bravo to kinda learn about modding/DIY kits, kinda just get a feel how how to change and sadder things, or is there a like $50 or less DIY kits that would be perfect?


Second this is something i plan on being a new hobby that i will be active im, so any ideas on what sadder gun i should get, and im willing to go up to like maby $100, would like it to be a nice little station thing.


And last if i could get pointed to a good page to read on how to start learning about how to read those plans that have all the diagram things with the lines and numbers. Tube amp stuff would be ideal, i seem to have this weird fetish thing with tubes. (they just look so attractive). and i think getting a collection of tubes would be cool to have.