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Skullcandy Crushers bass

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I am a major basshead. I love heavy bass boosted dubstep, hip-hop and other bass heavy music. I am looking for a cheap treat so to say. I am looking for some very bass heavy headphones that still has some descent sound. I am really only looking to spend about a max of $150. My friend has some sony xb500s that i liked but i really want something different from what he has. I know that as a general rule skullcandys are disliked among the audiofile community but i looked into some skullcandy crushers and they seem to be exactly what i am looking for. I just wanted a second opinion before i get them. Let me know what you guys think
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You should also consider Takstar HD5500. You can read and ask about them here:


Best Luck!

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The FutureSonic Atrios and Hippo VB has excellent bass.


For more options, have a look at this thread:


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Thanks for the advice. I am still interested in the skullcandy crushers though. Would anybody be able to let me know how they sound and if they preform as advertised
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