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For Sale:
SOLD: Kao Audio UD2C HP DAC with headphone amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is this terrific DAC with headphone amp.

The Kao Audio UD2C HP DAC looks and sounds amazing. Also, it has a small "foot-print" so is perfect for an office desktop system. 

The unit is in absolutely excellent condition. It comes with all original packing and accessories except for the original power cable (I'll include a generic power cable). (Also included are 3 additional fuses for "fuse rolling".)

I bought this unit from a head-fier and have really enjoyed the sound of this DAC and headphone amp. It is with very mixed feelings that I am placing the Kao for sale, however, I am spending more time with my 2-channel rig and am looking to fund other purchases.

This DAC sounds really special with voices, it portrays vocals incredibly well. The headphone amp has great synergy with my Beyerdynamic T90, others have stated that it is also great with the Sennheiser HD800.

Early in 2012 project86 gave a great review of the Kao based on its price of $1000. The reason I am pricing the Kao so cheaply is that I don't flip sales, and I am passing on a terrific price for the Kao. 

For specifications and more information, see links below.
SOLD - thanks

Price is $ shipped to CONUS.

I would be willing to ship overseas.

Thank you for looking.


The Kao Audio UC2C HP DAC has received great reviews from project86 and other users:

"At the original $1,000 price this little device is brilliant. I highly recommend it."

"the Kao DAC has such great tonal accuracy and timbre - in that respect, it is among some of the best I've heard (at any price!)" (both quotes from project86).


Reviews with specifications and more information:

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