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I recently received a pair of MEE A161P IEMs and when I first plugged them into my phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII), they sounded fine from what I remember. I proceeded to burn them in for about 4-5 hours and now I hear an audible hissing noise when listening to music on my phone and laptop. Did I mess something up during the burn in process? Everything was done at moderate volumes. Or the hissing might have been there from the beginning and I just didn't notice it.

Once I close Pandora or the music player on my phone, the hissing stops. Right when I open the app again, the hissing starts up and I think it's there even without anything playing. My full sized headphones (Sennheiser HD 380) and other IEMs (Klipsch S4 and some UE by Logitech) play fine.

Any help or pointers would be much appreciated!
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