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Vancouver Audiophile Meet May 18, 2014! - Page 2  

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Definitely, in fact if I don't include anyone (I'll probably send the PM out by tomorrow or sooner), do PM me to let me know.


Since GG is the OP he can update the first post with the master list. It'll be a spreadsheet like last time, I presume.

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Count me in if I may come.

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Maybe when enough people respond we can all start voting for possible dates, venues, etc. Or perhaps that should happen before the mass PM.


There are a LOT of names to PM, and I'm afraid that I might hit the PM limit like last time. So those interested for sure PM me before I do the group PM with GG. You can respond regarding your attendence via that PM, or in a separate one.


Here's the spreadsheet I'm using to keep track of everyone once we do get going (disregard the gear list sections, merely futureproofing).


Would appreciate it if people can format their PM titles to something more formal and make things easier for me to sort out. If you need to give me an update (not attending, etc), please do not use a new PM thread to update me and just stick to the original one.

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i'm in alberta march 21-23. any other dates work. 

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I just made an account to express interest in this. I have been looking to purchase some gear and would love some advice. I live in Vancouver.
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Unfortunately I've not seen GG online since the 4th, he might just be busy, so I don't have any way to have this progress further until he comes back. Or rather, I just wouldn't feel it would be right.

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I'm in, having transplanted from the Bay Area last October and waiting for a Vancouver/Seattle meet to happen before I move back to the US in October this year. Let's do this and let me know if you need help with organizing things from a logistics perspective.


I can bring the following gear:


* PWD MkII w/Bridge

* ecp audio L-2

* TH900

* HD800

* HD25-II (Aluminum)

* First Watt F1J

* HE-6

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Would definitely appreciate the help, I'll have a PM coming your way shortly. I've also added you and your gear to the spreadsheet list, if you don't mind.

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please have it at coal harbour :P its soo convenient for me :P I'll come for sure if its at coal harbour any where else its a maybe. 

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Check your PMs :D


And yes, I'll probably be asked this way too many times so I'll just state it on the thread - from how things are looking it'll likely be Coal Harbour, but Trout Lake is also a possibility.

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I'm definitely interested!  I can bring some DIY power amp and DAC hardware that I have made!

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Hey, I'd also be interested in coming.  I have LCD-3s, HD 595s, JH-16s, Sennheiser RS-180s (great wireless headphone), and some custom modified Fostex t50rps.  I've got a FiiO E9 and a O2+ODAC combo.  The O2 I soldered up myself :-P.

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Can mostly likely come, will only have a HE-500 and a Compass 384.

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interested in~ let me know when and where lol~

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Got the PM from GG alerting me to the possible meet. Depending on the date and time, I'm up for it for sure. Coal Harbor would be cool for me too, though I'm open with that. I don't have a lot new these days, but can bring my HE-500's , my Bifrost DAC and my LYR amp. I did not make the last one, so this will be fun....
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