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Vancouver Audiophile Meet May 18, 2014!  

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Vancouver Head-Fi Meet 2014 @ Coal Harbour Centre - May 18 11AM-3PM!!


Latest News:

 - Official date confirmed for Sunday May 18!***

       ***Not confirmed yet but we'll see if we can make this a two-day thing with Pat Audio Arts sponsoring Saturday May 17 for those who can't make it on the 18.

 - We are confirmed for Noble Audio demos: Kaiser 10, Switch PR/NR, Noble 4 and Chord Hugo, and Unique Melody: Merlin!

 - Headphone Bar will be attending the meet and bringing several crazy stuff including the AK240 and Auralic Vega/Taurus!

 - After-meet dinner someplace cool??? (Split-pay)




Who: Any Head-Fier and those invited by members.

What: The gathering of North Western Audiophiles!

Where: Coal Harbour Centre, Vancouver

When: May 18, 2014 11AM-3PM

How: ???

Why: Because headphones.




Members able to attend May 18:

Girls Generation - DHC Spore cables for Audeze

Headphonebar - AK240/120, Fiio X5, Auralic Vega/Taurus, HD800/650, LCD2/3/X/XC, AKG712/812, HE500/560

skfktkwjs - UM Merlin demo, UE Triple Fi



Twizzleraddict - TH900, HD800, HE6, HD25-II, PWD Mk2 w/ Bridge, ECP L2, First Watt F1J

ribeye - LCD3, Bryston BHA1, PWD2

KamijolsMyHero - HE500 w/ v2.5 Jergpads, AGD Compass 384

OkawaiiO - LCD2

Tonereef - SR009/Lambda Signature, LCD2, Custom designed amps, Modwright BDP-83, Assemblage 3.1 DAC



esn89 - V200/V800

CockatooDude - HD598, Fiio E07K/E9

vkung - Elekit TU-882AS, TU-HP01 & TU-8200DX




TwinQY - Stuff

Slowfade - HE500, Bifrost/Lyr

Weee - HD650, AGD Compass, Burson HA160DS


Parkie37 - SR009?, K3003, Senn IE60, Resonessence Herus, Meitner MA1, Stax 717?

WobblyGoblin - DT880, AiAiAi TMA-1, Little Dot DAC_I/MK IV SE, FiiO E10 

steven_1026 - Edition 8, KEF M500, AudioQuest DragonFly



cegli - LCD3, HD595/RS180, JH16, Custom modified Fostex T50RP, FiiO E9, O2/ODAC



mikeg88 - DT880, AMB M^3/Gamma^2


***Note: If you do not have a ride and you do not wish to bring huge gear via transit, please contact Girls Generation (me) for a ride. I can fit 4 persons in my car but one seat is already taken.

Edited by Girls Generation - 5/14/14 at 10:10pm
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i'm interested. 

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Originally Posted by Weee View Post

i'm interested. 


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I wish.
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I am definitely interested.  I can bring my LCD-3s and my new Burson Soloist.  As well, I can bring my portable stuff like AKG 3003s, RX MkIII B, Resonessence Herus, Sennheiser IE60.


I have never organized one of these, but I am willing to help someone who has previous experience and knowhow : )



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I should also have added that if anyone is fortunate enough to have the Stax SR-009 headphones with a good driver/amp, I would absolutely LOVE to hear that combo!



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Hey folks, is anything happening with this? 


GG, you're selling off your stuff? 

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I'd be up for one in the coming months. Doesn't have to be very soon, but the last 'large-scale' meet was in May of last year. I think we're just about due.


On a side note, if anyone wants to meet up sometime during next week at HB for a quick get-together, drop me a PM if you would so please.

(This includes you, GG - even if you don't have the TH900 anymore - FINALLY got the You-Know-Whats in this week, must have been months)

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Currently in Alberta but heading back soon... When you gotta ship them off? I need to hear those.


Let's plan for maybe around late March or sometime in April when there's more people interested? We can just have a small get-together somewhere and I can drive 4 others.


I sold off my TH900 and what not, and I just shipped off my JH13 today. I got the JH3A combo refunded because of issues.


Next thing on the horizon is the Kaiser 10 as my end game for all. I'm also looking for something that's cheap and useable with iDevices... Also need a dac/power amp for my speakers.... But K10 is $1600 wtf.


We'll see...

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A week, two at the most. Hurry up!


Late March sounds good. Hopefully this will become the meet where everyone goes out together to eat afterwards.


End game...that's what they all say. Just wait for when the Noble Gottheit 20 comes out. 34% better treble, ear enlargenment surgery a prerequisite though.


Speaking of which it would be nice to see if I can get some loaner CIEM demo units for the duration of the meet. I know someone was planning that during the September meet, don't know what happened.

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Unique Melody does it but need a 50% deposit so we bailed. Didn't have the $ to put down.


Yeah might ask our friend Gil in Seattle to come up and visit :)

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I'm over in Victoria, but i'm in.

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TwinQy wanna start mass PMing ppl from past Vanny threads?
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Sure. I still have the PM list from the last one. I'll get started with those as soon as I can.

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Please be sure to include me : )

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