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For Sale or Trade: AKG Q701+RW audio AMP1

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For Sale or Trade:
AKG Q701+RW audio AMP1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

hello head fi


want to sale\trade my AKG Q701 and RW audio AMP1...


the headphones is like new no damage or scratches.

comes with both the original cable and the adapter (dont have the original box)

the amp have some Aicomim (not from falling)


many people dont know that the 701 is very hard to drive headphone,

and if you are not giving to the 701 good amp that really suits them the 701 sound "dry"

or just not sound good, the  AMP1 by RW audio driving the 701

better than $250-$600 (Little Dot MK III,Pimeta V1,AMB m3,ibasso PB1)

 amps that i heard with the 701

really grate little desktop amp.


highly interested on trades, looking for bass headphones\IEM (sennhiser IE80,HE400,PHILIPS X1 or anything else you have

that have good bass... :P ) 


shipping anywhere you want.




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