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Pair of headphones, $50/£30, for Metal and Rock

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I previously bought a pair of Philips Citiscape Downtowns as my first ever 'cans'. Previously I only used IEMS. I loved their look, and they were amazing comfortable but I hated the sound. When I first plugged them in and tried to listen to Enter Sandman it sounded so dull, no bass, mids and trebles sounded flat and they were sooo quiet. Now I've tried burning in them using the Tekfusion burn in player, I noticed some improvement but all my major gripes were still there. I am now returning them and have £30/$50 to buy headphones with.


I want a pair of headphones, not IEMS, that look nice and do my music justice. Portability is a plus but not essential, I mean they don't have to fold but then again I don't want a massive set of DJ headphones. I wouldn't describe myself as a bass-head but I will say that I want to hear the bass drums with some punch but not so much that they drown out everything else like a pair or Beats. I will be listening to these through my phone and laptop without an amp! 


I listen mainly to Rock and Metal, especially Metallica, so I guess you could use that a reference point. I previously had a pair of Sennheiser CX-200 and I loved their sound but they just kept breaking. I'm not too sure if I got a faulty pair as reviews on here are saying that the Philips Downtowns were great and there's no mention on how quiet they are. I managed to make them sound a little better by scooping the mids and increasing the lower bass and higher treble frequencies but there weren't as good as the Sennhesier CX-200s.


I would't describe myself as an audiophile either so 100% detailed and analytical sound isn't needed but then again I can understand how terrible a £15 pair of 100% boomy bass IEMS are.


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Get the shure srh-440 cans. You'll get a balanced and somewhat neutral sound, and for $50 used at amazon, they are a steal.
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Those are wayyy to expensive dude!

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Pretty sure that is why he said 'used'.


I would look into the superlux phones, they are very well regarded for cheap headphones. I have a bassier oem version of the 668 and they do well considering the cost -- only serious downside is the thinner padding.

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The price of those Superlux phones are perfect! Not too sure about the look, I pretty much want a pair of Philips Downtowns but with better sound lol! ;)

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The newer superluxes are a bit prettier, not sure about the sound. You may be asking too much, maybe you would be better served with a used headphone... maybe something like a gradosr80i.

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I can't find any of those headphones used at a price I can afford!

I've found these Sony MDRZX600: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B007I1R0L6/ref=noref?ie=UTF8&psc=1&s=electronics
Are they any good?


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You should probably try and save up a bit more. You'll probably be unhappy with anything that cheap.

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I can't, but as I said I used to have the Sennheiser CX 200s which I loved but now I want a pair of cans!

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