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I'm looking to buy my first pair of headphones which will be plugged into the phones socket of my DSP-A5 amp.  From reading through quite a lot of posts, there is a huge amount of information.  Unfortunately I haven't found anything yet on my amplifier.


The selection of suitable headphone is really confusing me.  From the manual there is a phones output value which shows as 0.34V/560Ohms - which doesn't mean anything to me :mad:


There is currently a TV and an xbox one connected to the amp using digital optical cables, so my main use will be films and gaming.  I do also use music through the xbox which is a mix of soft rock, blues and some classical.


Before I begin thinking about specific manufacturers, can someone advise me on what sort of impedance should be suitable please? (although I guess that is a simplistic question - have to start somewhere)  I can then start to make a list of headphones.  I live in the UK and my budget is around £200 or so but may be prepared to go a bit higher?


Many Thanks.