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Hi all,


I cannot decide.

I've had several Sennheisers in the past. The CX270 was quite good, the CX280 was even better but sadly it broke at the jack after only 2 months! (got it by Sennheiser because of warranty of the CX270). I liked the sound of this one.

I'm listening to rock, hard rock and metal so yeah I need some bass but not as much as other guys listening to techno only. I think the mids and highs are as important. I don't want a bass-heavy sound, but of course need bass to make the sound more 'fat' and 'full'.


I was thinking of the CX300-II, but I've read that it's very heavy on the bass... plus it's still kinda expensive and I don't want a headphone that's broken after a few months because of the bad jack processing.

The CX200-Street II is another option. The big plus is that it's cheap. Of course I wouldn't know how big the difference is between a CX200 and a CX280.

The cheapest one is the CX175 but according to the Sennheiser website it's having a harmonic distortion (THD) value that's five times as high as the one of the CX200 or CX300-II, that's why I'm wary on this one.

Are there other models that I should consider? Or should I choose one of them?