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Wearing IEMs in your nose?

Poll Results: Have you ever worn IEMs in your nose?

  • 24% (8)
    Yes, and I liked it
  • 0% (0)
    Yes, and I disliked it
  • 21% (7)
    No, but I want to try
  • 54% (18)
    No, and I don't want to try
33 Total Votes  
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I heard on the SE846 announcement thread someone was wearing different IEMs in their nose and ears and was putting their 846s in their nose. I've never heard of this.


1. Is this common practice? I'm going to try it as soon as my 846s come in.

2. What sleeves are people using to do this?

3. Does it really improve sound quality? I would imagine it would increase the amount of sound going to your head, since you'd hear some of the sounds that were going in your nose as well.

4. What about the safety aspect? If you fall asleep IEMs in your nose, would you risk suffocating?

5. Do you use a headphone splitter to split the signals? Or multiple DACs? Could you have a different DAC/amp combo for your nose and ears?

6. How does it impact your sense of smell?

7. Could you enjoy two different tracks at the same time?

8. Has anyone tried putting IEMs in their mouth?


Please give your opinion.

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WTF ?!!!
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Originally Posted by John0405 View Post

WTF ?!!!

That's what I thought at first too but after reading the post:


And thinking about it, I thought it might be a good idea. 

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Ooooh...I seeeee...
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I can at least think of one place I won't put my iems in...
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Mmmmm.. INN (in nose nosephones?)


Besides the yikes factor, not being able to take air in with your nose is one of the most uncomfortable thing in one's life.

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I hope this is a troll post.

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1. See what the poll says, I'm expecting a close vote!

2. I think anything other than foam or a double flange design would be ideal, so nothing soaks in or gets caught.

3. An INN (great name) with strong bass could really have a visceral impact, I'm sure your soundstage perception could improve as well.

4. I would not recommend trying this if you're going to bed, but I know allergies sometimes make me feel like my nose is plugged by C-INN's!

5. Perhaps we get get some members to send in some different INN's and equipment for you to test... any volunteers?

6. I would not expect any change in smell.

7. I guess...?

8. What a ridiculous idea... please tell me you're joking about this! The mouth.... uggh! Disgusting!

Let us know how it goes with your 846's! I can't wait to hear the results!

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I think the OP just won the 2013 head-fi award for the most amusing thread created this year on head-fi
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Surely the septum in your nose is too thin and would allow crosstalk, thus diminishing the soundstage?

The nose reacts to unwanted intrusions by producing more snot and gravity will make said snot fall towards your IEMs - doesn't sound like they'll live long, so much as I'm curious I'm not going to try it

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Earwax on the iems is on the verge of disgusting stuff. but snot on the nosephones is another new level...

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It's time to update your avatar, OP.

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I wonder if they will make custom INNs in the near future? Perhaps with ambient vents for the user to breathe as well?
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Originally Posted by OziasEvangeline View Post

I wonder if they will make custom INNs in the near future? Perhaps with ambient vents for the user to breathe as well?

Yes there is clearly some demand here from the poll results. My 846 is coming in TODAY and I am more excited to try these in the nose than in the ears. :D

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