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I think the new Marantz CD will be my choice because of the possibility to connect an iphone to it . Maybe one day ill put my hands on a nice turntable but for now it will be my tube amp that will be making sure the music doesnt feel harsh or digital ;> Thanks for the opinions/facts
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My experience with budget turntables is that tracking is an issue. Of course, there's the snap, crackle, and pop; plus, absence of convenience, and time consumption to digitize LP's. Overall, I would suggest a universal player, something like an OPPP 103. It will integrate nicely with your computer audio, as well as home theatre.

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If budget is an issue, you also need to consider the genre of music that you will be buying.


If you're into classical, used LPs are very cheap.  My favorite shop sells all its classical vinyls at $1 per disc if you buy 25 or more - and almost always in like-new condition (classical collectors tend to be obsessive about record care).  Even if you end up with a damaged record once in a while, it's only a dollar.


My family has taken the hint and knows how to please me this Christmas for very little money: this month I've already noticed a couple of very heavy, 12" x 12" x 5" packages wrapped under the tree... :tongue_smile:


For contemporary music, CDs are the cheaper option.  I've seen the latest Arcade Fire CD at half the price of the LP in the same store.  Really, don't buy new vinyl - it's a shameless rip-off.


If, like me, you have eclectic tastes, try to set yourself up some decent rig for both formats.  And if you can afford it, don't be too afraid to go over budget.  I'm a believer in spending far more on a music collection than on listening gear.  Which, counter-intuitively, means I'd rather invest a little more in a good CD player and a good turntable, so that I have the flexibility to choose my music in the cheaper format and realize the big savings in the long run.  These savings will later enable me to upgrade my rig and bring out more goodness from my bargain-priced music collection.

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As far as budget LP concerned, I think, the best option a direct drive LP and a good mid-priced MM pickup. You only need to grab a dirth cheap old preapmlifier with inbuilt MM phono, and you have a fairly good system. It is not better than a multi-thousands USD SOTA system, but it may have a warm, dynamic sound which can be as musical as modern belt driven LPs with MC pickups.
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