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CKN70 vs CKN50 vs CKM500

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Budget is <$100 or less. Was thinking of getting the SE215s, but I missed the Black Friday sale, and I really only want to get the SE215s if I can get them at a decently lowered price. 


It occurred to me that Audio Technicas might be my best bet. How do the CKN70, CKN50, and CKM500 stack up? I looked through the enormous CKM500 thread, but I couldn't quite find much info regarding the 3 compared. 



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I have the CKM500 and I like them, but I seem to recall that owners of CKN70 found it better than the CKM500.


You may want to ask around in the discovery thread if you want to get a comparison because quite a few of the folks there have these iems.

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