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Best tips for JVC HA-FX700?

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Right now I think I have Sony hybrid tips on them but I'm running out (lost a tip today). Is there anything better?

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I'm out of hybrid tips and I'm looking to get something new.
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Phonak tips are good, they open up the soundstage a bit, highs are slightly airier, they are also grippy and resist falling out of the ears however the mediam phonak tips are smaller than the stock mediums to fit will very from person to person, if you can get them they`re pretty sweet, you can also use comply foam tips (makes the bass a bit muddy though), ue tips also work great, otherwise why not use the stock jvc tips?, I found them to work better then most aftermarket tips.

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I replaced the JVC tips with the hybrids and I don't know where they are anymore. They're probably mixed in somewhere with generics. I'm using complys right now, but the hybrids sound crisper. I prefer the crisp sound of the hybrids, but the highs can be a bit sharp at times, which is my only complaint.


How do the phonaks compare to the hybrids?

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I find the phonak tips to have an airier sound sig, the hybrid tips i found not to sound as open as the jvc tips due to their smaller bore size, the sony`s had to be stretched and were internally shaped somewhat like a > whilst the phonak tips are shaped <, I suck at explaining, but anyway the phonak tips are like the tips that come with the new FX850`s that have a conical bore and are supposed to enhance the sound quality.

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I understand your explanation, and it sounds like the phonaks are the opposite of what I'm looking for. I have a hard time believing an expanding tunnel would enhance sound quality in every way, probably more like a trade off. I guess I'm looking for something like the hybrids but not as narrow at the ends.

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