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For Sale: Hifiman HE-6 Prototypes

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For Sale:
Hifiman HE-6 Prototypes

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Picked up these last year here on the forums.  Not getting much head-time these days so want to send them to a loving home.  I had also planned to hopefully mod them, but free time is a significant issue.  


These are the original HE-6 design with leather overlayed cups.  The rodblock covers are dyed wood however.  I'd say the condition is an 8 with a few minor scratches in the leather and the block covers.  Will come with the nice display case as well.  


The earpads are basically new looking as well.


$925 shipped and including paypal within the USA.  Outside the US, it will likely add $45 to the total for USPS Priority Int'l shipping.  


Questions?  Ask away.



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Somebody just posted an ad earlier today looking for this very hp. If you make the sale, you owe me 10% :tongue:

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PMed...what a timely Wanted post I put up earlier!

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Wait, so you're saying that you're willing to pay $1,200 for them?  :-)  I'll PM you.

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These are sold, pending payment.  Thank you head-fi.

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Where is the love for matttcg? :-(
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Yeah, sorry matttcg.  Just the way it goes sometimes.  Look at it this way.  Apparently I could have got $1,200 if I had done a search before I posted.  But Tingc222 was at least gracious enough to come up alittle to $1,000 all in.  I generally follow the internet code of good sportsmanship and would feel pretty guilty if I had asked for $1,200 after I had originally posted the sale at a lower number.  See.  Just the way it goes sometimes.  

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