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Have yourself a Grace gdi-1500

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After owning two of the Grace Mondo in my house. I decided to buy the Grace digital GDI-IRA500 for one particular reason: Variable RCA line ouput.


I would venture to say this is all you need if you love to listen to over 18,000 internet radio stations around the world.

Set up is a breeze with the included remote. It took a few times to understand the set up procedure but in less than 5 minutes, I was good to go. The GDI-IRA1500 was connected to my favourite Lepai 2020+ and a pair of the Mirage Omni 150. RCA interconnect is no thing special a Monster M series 650.


TSF Jazz from Paris sounds so good beyond my expectation.Over 2hrs of listening, I have not experienced with one drop out from the Internet. Now, I can enjoy Jazz and fresh up my French the same time. Late in the evening, the reception is so clear that I cannot believe I can hear a French woman broacaster's breath over the micro-phone from another continent.


The GDI-IRA 1500 costs me $80.00. The Lepai 2020+ costs me $26.00. The Monster cable M650 costs me $24.00 and the Mirage Omni 150 was in the closet for a while I forget how much I paid for them. For little money, now I have an Internet radio system that sounds as good as much more $$$ other brand name. I can easily fill up my 16x14 bedroom with the volume control of the Lepai 2020+ not even at 12 o'clock position.


I am going to order another Grace GDI-1500 for my M audio B8X D2, in that case I donot have to fool with the M Audio volume control by using the variable line out control of the Grace GDI-IRA 1500.


The only con I find is that Grace Audio interface does not have a led indicator to tell you clearly when to enter when you selector the numerical and alphabetical for set up or radio station ID and that throw me off a couple first try.


Highly recommended if you already have a nice stereo system and just want to add on an Internet radio. Again, I have not experienced any interruption via the high speed internet in my house. If you do have the problem, you may want to check your router or any other related equipment. Moving the unit around, away from the wall will prevent some drop-out. YMMV.

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Warning: After a couple weeks of wonderful music from TSF Jazz. For whatever the reason is, the unit cuts in and out every often. Sometimes , it kicked itself out of the hi-speed internet, I have to re-connected to my internet manually and it happens to whatever the internet stations I listened to.


My apology and I hope no damage has been done 'cause of my review.



Andrew Doan.

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