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Volume Control on the Sennheiser PC360.

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First off I'm new here, so sorry if this is in the wrong section. Just looking for any help if possible. (Posted in the main headphone forum but think that was the wrong place)

I recently purchased the Sennheiser PC360 headset as a replacement for my old Logitech G330s which broke.

I was looking for something comfortable and useful for long hours of gaming, watching vids or listening to music.

After doing some research I came to the conclusion that the 360s are the best option for what I'm looking for.

Anywho to the point:

I'm mostly overall happy with how the headset works/fits etc.

The issue I'm having is with the Volume Control Dial that is attached to the right Ear Cup.

On all my other headsets that I've had before this one, whenever I was to put the Volume Dial attached to it all the way down to min (That is the minus side) it would pretty much mute the sound. And when I was to turn it up to max (the plus side) the sound would be very loud. This is exactly how I think the Volume Control should work and have enjoyed having this on all previous headsets.

With these PC360s though, when I have the Volume Control down to min, the sound is your average speaking sound, not even close to quiet or muted. And when I do turn it up to max it gets a good bit louder which it should.

What I'm looking for is a way to make it so when I use the Volume dial and put it to min, it should mute the sound or at least become very, very quiet. And when I turn it to max it should have the loudness that it currently is at that setting.

That is to say I want the Volume Control Dial on the headset to have a range from pretty much mute to very loud, with somewhere in the middle being used for normal sound.

This is how I've had it with all other headsets I've owned and don't see why the PC360s cannot do such a thing, especially being the most expensive and high-class ones I've owned.

Things to take note of:

1. Yes I've tried messing around with my computer sound levels. To get it to the point where all the way down on the dial is mute, it makes it so the top-end is just getting to the average speaking volume. And if I turn the Computer levels up, it makes it how the headset has been out of the box, average volume when the dial is min, and loud when it's maxed.

I have tried many varying levels and there seems to be no middle ground even close to what I'm looking for.

2. I am not using a Sound Card. To my research and knowledge the built in sound device on my MoBo is more than enough to get a decent quality sound coming from this headset without the need of a separate card. (I have an ASUS PZ77 Pro Mobo)

3. The headset was brand new from the store, unopened and unused. Appears to be completely undamaged in anyway.

4. I am not using a USB DAC and would prefer not to purchase any additional products to get the results I'm looking for and don't think I should really have to.

5. I have not come across any other forum or support thread anywhere talking about my exact same issue, but if there is one please feel free to link me to it, I would very much like to have a read of it.

Thank you to all who read and respond to this, I am not too educated in sound devices and my skill with them is average, so any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated!
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Very weird. I think my PC360 completely mutes the sound when I put the volume control to min. Or you are listening music in really, really loud.


I will comment again when I test mine tonight.

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Any help/insight you provide would be greatly appreciated, it's so annoying not having the full range of mute to loud on the volume control dial.


Every other forum/thread, support email I've tried has yielded no results.

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So I tested mine at home. Yeah, it does not completely mute the sound. Doh.


You probably need a inline volume control like this http://www.amazon.com/Koss-155954-VC20-Volume-Control/dp/B00001P4XH crappy looking ones. Put the volume knob on PC360 to the max, do not touch it, and exclusively use the inline volume control to control the volume.


Well, indeed kind of feeling crappy that the volume control does not work properly on this headset, but then, pretty much any other stuffs that come from those 'gaming device' companies are usually unbelievably bad sounding for the price. You choose either convenience or sound.

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So it is an in-line Volume Control "issue". Thanks so much for the info, I thought something along this line might be the problem.


Getting a separate inline control seems like to best and cheapest solution after all now, at least in lieu of getting a DAC or Soundcard.


Thanks again, this has been the most help of all the avenues I've searched.

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