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Polk Buckle- an overlooked headphone that deserves a thread

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After listening to these at Best Buy today, I am surprised there is not a thread yet for these, so I thought I would start one. They have a warm and detailed sound that I thought was impressive for $200 and they are certainly a contender in their price range.  They also fit comfortably over my ears and are stylish IMO.  Here is a link:



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Wow, looks much nicer than their other nc headphone. There's also the "Hinge" on-ear model.

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Originally Posted by viralcow View Post

Wow, looks much nicer than their other nc headphone. There's also the "Hinge" on-ear model.

FYI, there isn't active noise cancelling.  I wanted to try the Hinge, but was pressed for time.

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Wow I have NEVER seen a headphone that looked so vile in a render/official image but so classy and awesome in an actual photo. The "additional images" do the headphone justice. I almost laughed off this thread when I saw the main picture. >_>

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It does look nice, just saw in a magazine and so did a head fi search. Not very well known it seems! Unfortunately they're $350aud over here.. Hell of a mark up if youre saying theyre 200 in US. Unless they are mind blowing, no thanks. I'd rather pay the extra 50 for focal spirit pro and that's what I'm leaning towards atm. Accurate/monitor-like cans that by all accounts are worth every penny and actually usable for studio mixing, something pretty rare in the headphone world.
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Oh actually, I see.. the Buckle is big and has a lot of metal on it.. The Hinge looks nicer to me. Smaller (but probably more on-ear as a result), not as deep cups, but a lot nicer looking, in either brown/gold or black/silver.


Buckle $250 and Hinge $150 USD RRP


That stills means they're marking them up $100 for Australia. 40%. That's a lot more than the difference in exchange rate (~%10) and even if you factored in individual item shipping (actual bulk shipping cost would make it negligible). Same old rip off scenario for us Aussies then..!

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Those are horribly disgusting looking. 

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I saw these in the store the other day and they look better in real life. But the price is to much for me to nibble on these at the moment.
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I also just heard these for the first time at a Best Buy. I really liked the sound even though the source music was not to my liking and probably of poor quality. To my ears, they had fairly good detail retrieval and an engaging sound.


The construction and materials feel upscale as well and they were very comfy. The pads make a good seal for isolation. 


I might even consider buying them if I could find them for $200 or less.


Update: Actually they're available for $200 on amazon right now. Can't help but feel the price will fall further in a year or so.

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It doesn't look that bad. Still better than other rapper endorsed headphones...

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Really? I think these look beautiful!!

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I actually have the Polk Ultrafocus 8000 (the uglier, I agree) ANC cousin of these. The Ultrafocus are really a very nice sounding headphone, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if these were also nice headphones in terms of SQ. 


It's quite refreshing to see these old school speaker brands getting in the headphone gold rush, and doing rather well with their early efforts.

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I've had a pair for a couple of months now. I find them to be very comfortable and a fun listen. Warm sounding and detailed although not as detailed as some others. They look kind of old school like they should come with a curly cord, bean bag and a lava lamp, I like the look but wouldn't walk down the street with them on. They also don't fold and don't come with a hard case. They do however sound better and can be worn for longer than some more expensive headphones.

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I have one of these. Very nice sound for the under $100 price. Feels like very solid construction. The sound is bass heavy but the highs and mids do not recess at any volume and stay crisp, typical Polk sound. Kind of large for portable use but easy to drive. The cable is removable, and is 2.5 mm at the headphone end. I would call this a winner for the price, they are readily available under 100 on ebay

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Polk Hinge are some bassy beasts, I think they definitely have more bass quantity than my DT770 or DT990.
Very comfortable as far as On-Ears go. I think the Brown/Gold look is nice. Feel to be built solidly.
A bit slow of a headphone, very smooth. I couldn't get something to sound sibilant on these if I tried, however it makes some of the transients weak.

So all in all if you like bass and a nice looking on-ear headphone with a great build go for the Polk Hinges.

Hmm..seems to be a lot of the store displays going for sale on ebay.
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