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Getting Around Playlist Limitations in the AK 120

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I used playlists a lot with iTunes and the iPod. The AK120 is more limited; you have to drag and drop tunes from the player into generically named playlists.


Since I used to have a lot of playlists with genres like 'Bluegrass', 'Folk', 'Soft Jazz', etc. I'm thinking that maybe using a program like jRiver to make lists and then load them onto a number of micro SD cards might work? Still kind of clumsy I guess, but at least I could have a variety of genres to pick from.


Anyone try this yet?



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I am also driven crazy by the very rudimentary AK120 selection - no ratings, playlist support for M3U that is broken, etc.


I've started a support incident with iRiver to ask them what they recommend be used to manage playlists. I suspect they'll say iRiver plus4, but perhaps they'll also suggest something else too (as that software is notoriously not very good).


I'm hampered by running on Mac, and jRiver support for the AK120 when I tried it under Parallels didn't work properly, but after a system upgrade in the next few days I will try it again.


I don't know about you, but I've asked in the main AK120 thread, and the response rate is small, people seem to mostly want to talk about phones and mods and amps related to the device in that thread, rather than usability. Hopefully your excellent initiative to start a thread on this subject will attract some posters from there who have tried some things! I know there are a few people in there who have massaged the broken M3U support somehow.

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I found some information on other threads here that may help, though they require running Widows.


See these threads: here for how to generate the playlist that the AK can deal with and here to edit the playlists as the AK implementation of M3U is a bit off (meaning, broken...).


I have not tried them yet but I will probably this weekend.

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Great piece of work but the supporting software? Not so much.


I did finally hook it up as a DAC for my computer and I could definitely hear improved sound from the ripped CDs through the laptop vs the CDs as played on my Sony CD player. Cleaner and fuller in general with better punch in the percussion.


Just wish there was something close to jRiver or iTunes approaches to playlists.



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