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Best Value

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Which of these has the best value:

HD518 for $80

HD558 for $130

DT880 Pro (250) for $180

Q701 for $220

DT990 Pro (250) for $150


I know the last 3 will require amps but if they are a better value I may get them even though I'll have to spend even more on an amp. I just want to know which is the best value, absolute sound quality is not as important. I'm mainly looking for the soundstage offered by open cans. Also how would the detail of these headphones compare to the M-80s. A simple ranking would be nice. Thanks.

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I've owned everything on the list except the DT880. Q701 is hands down my favorite. Not sure about the best value though.


Also, at 7pm EST, there's going to be a amazon lightning deal on the black Q701's FYI.

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The dt880 and the q701 are considered to be in league with each other along with the hd600. I must warn you though that the q701's sound tends to be more polarizing than the other two.


That aside, the Q701 definitely puts out a lot of detail. It's soundstage is also quite wide, but it lacks depth. However, if you find right at home with the v-moda's bass, the AKG's will disappoint you with bass quantity.


I haven't heard the following headphones, but you should also consider the hd598, he300, and the mdr-ma900 since they are talked about a lot.

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