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Question: LCD 2.2<<HE 500<< LCD 3?

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I've been perusing the entire thread on the Audeze LCD 2.2.  With the Black Friday sale I just missed picking up a pair LCD 2.2s last week.  I stopped by the Audeze dealer yesterday and had a listen and I was very impressed by the overall tone and signature.  I felt what sounds like a slight lack of detail in the treble.  Parts of the music seemed to have a little less bloom and I noticed the lack of air people refer too.  


The dealer had an LCD 3 sitting there as well.  Against better judgement I checked them out too.  Holy smokes!  It sounded like I was getting the full 100% of the music.  Lively and engaging everywhere, not as much detail up in the higher frequencies as some other headphones but an entirely addicting sound.  Better separation and treble detail without being tiring.  I could listen to these for a long time.  There would, of course, be temptation to upgrade some other components in the system as well.  Here's where it gets hard, I was ok justifying the ~$800.00 on the Auduze LCD 2 sale but the LCD 3's are $2000.00!  I've since been scheming about a pair of LCD 3's but have started to suffer from the reality that that is just a bundle of cash.  


Would the HE 500 be somewhere between the Audeze 2s and 3s?  Never heard the HiFi Man stuff but that's what the forums seem to indicate.  I'm running a Glow Audio Amp 1.  Thoughts anyone could offer?  Thanks.

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I own both the HE500 and the LCD2s, and I think the LCD2s are the better headphones by a not-insignificant margin.
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Thanks for the reply.


Do you find the treble to be recessed or darker than the HE500?  Is the HE500 fatiguing?  I preferred the treble of the LCD 3 over the 2 from my listening.



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The LCD2 has slightly more roller off treble compared to the HE500s, I find - it is there, but not as forward.   Which suits me fine, as i find bright/shrill headphones (or speakers) to be extremely painful to listen to.

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I also am not looking for harsh/bright treble.  I've heard some say the HE500 can be aggressive.  I did however enjoy the sound of the LCD3 much more than the LCD2.  It was more open, airy and involving.  I think much of this had to do with the treble presentation.  


Maybe I'm talking myself into the LCD-3's.

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The HE500s are not really harsh with most music - on some stuff, eg, Rachmaninov's 2nd, I do find them to be a little more fatiguing than the LCD2s, though. The LCD2s, to my ears, sound more like a real concert.
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Well, the lcd2 are said to be harder to like than HE-500, it'll take time. HE-500 is love from first listen to many. It does sound wider and more airy, yet not as 3d as lcd2. The treble is more forward, but in no way sibilant IMO. 

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