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Dunu DN-900 - Dunu's Dual Hybrid IEM - Appreciation Thread

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Here we go, can the little brother be as awesome as the older brother?


It's on its way to me and a few members too I believe, impression in about a week, and full review in about 2 weeks time.


There is no doubt, that this dual-hybrid will be introduced to the market with a great expectation on its shoulder, due to the awesomeness of its older sibling, the one we all love, DN-1000 triple hybrid.


MSRP will be about USD$120 - and from the pictures around the net, it looks like that there are a lot of similarities in shape and accessories between this and DN-1000.


For now, let's start the discussion, and more importantly, the hype - after 2 weeks I will start an Australian tour to give my fellow Aussies HeadFiers a chance to experiece DN-900 too, details coming up in due time.


Some pictures from around the net







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***(18/12) Today, I have just received my brand new Rooth LSX5, a quad-BA/dynamic universal hybrid, I will update my review in a few days time comparing DN-900 to LSX5 after I spend some time with it, as well as letting it settled and burnt-in, brain and mechanical ***




First of all, a big THANK YOU to Rocky Wu from Dunu for giving me this opportunity. When he asked me if I would like to review the DN-900, I accepted it gracefully without thinking twice, especially after my love affair with DN-1000, which is to me, one of the best sounding IEM that I have heard, to date.


7 days of burn-in, brain and mechanical, there is no significant changes detected, except perhaps the bass settled down a bit and becoming more controlled


Packaging and accessories


The packaging of the 900 is rather different to all the previous Dunu, there is no hard card box with magnets, it is rather simple white box with the yellow pelican-esque case dominating the fascia


You get loads of tips, loads, including the two types of unique dual-flanges, the black and the clear ones. Unfortunately however, due to their bore size, I feel that they don’t sound as good as the wide-bore turbine-style grey single-flange. IMHO, using a small-bore tips will make the sound to be a little strange (the treble is becoming a little veiled) – though this could be just a subjective view of mine. I do prefer to use wide-bore tips with this, however the fact remains that both of the dual-flange will give perfect seal, the white one especially, though you need to push this right in, Ety-style.


Now some people might not agree with this, but I LOVE the yellow case. It is different, and to me it adds value. It is not a Pelican case, rather a Dunu-made one, but feels as solid and robust as the real Pelican, if you have both the 900 and 1000, this case can fit both of them in, perfect for holidays


You can also play with the adjustment rings; red, blue, and silver, just like to 1000’s. The red is the most balanced one, and the silver is the bassiest, blue is somewhere in the middle


Build Quaility


The body is similar to 1000, except this one is smaller, and made from a lighter material. Right and left is perfectly labelled and visible; the cable quality is excellent too, as well as being tangle free. Even though it doesn’t feel as solid and sturdy as the 1000’s, it will still be able to withstand some rough handling to some extent, as well as knocks and bumps. It passed a drop test from desk height (about 1m high, and drop once) to a concrete floor with flying colours




The weight and the size of the barrel-style body makes it very comfortable to wear over an extended period of time for the average people, except perhaps those who have a very tiny canal. You can fit it deep or shallow; there is minimal difference in the sound, so long as you have a very good seal






The bass is hard hitting, and goes down deep. Out of the box, it feels to me like the bass is similar to the 1000’s, but after a week of settling in and familiarising, I found that it may not be as thick and impactful as the 1000’s. It has decent speed and textures, though it might not be fast nor quick enough for heavy metal. Quality wise it is still lacking behind the 1000’s. AX60, or even H-200’s, but definitely better and more refined compared to other dual-hybrid such as AF78 and DBA700.




This is where it shines brightly, the mid is forward, maybe even slightly aggressive in some case, and intimate. Vocals feels close, has excellent textures, and it has some good thickness to it, similar to Westone3’s, although it is nowhere as thick as, say, SM3 or TF10. Listening to vocal-based tunes are such a bliss with this, I have been enjoying listening to Cold Chisel (good ol’ Barnsey), Missy Higgings, Norah Jones, Diana Krall, even the newer generation of Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams, Lana del Rey, Elle Goulding, and so on. It just renders vocals superbly. However, it lags behind the 1000’s in clarity




The treble is smooth, warm, laid back, and non-fatiguing. I have had some extremely long session with this, some up to 4 hours straight at work, and not once I feel any strain, or fatigue. Extension is excellent, though I hear a slight roll off, though a treble-full tune such as Destiny’s child’s Bills, Bills, Bills still sounds superb, I have yet to come across any sibilance, peaks, and harshness. It’s nowhere near as energetic and sparkly as the 1000’s, and not as detailed either, perfect for those who are sensitive to treble, to put it bluntly, its treble is completely the opposite of IEM’s such as Brainwavz B2 or TDK IE800


Soundstage and Amping


Soundstage is good, it has some width and depth, but I feel it is more intimate, and not as airy nor expansive as the 1000’s


The 900 does not require any amping whatsoever, there is very minimal difference in quality/signature between unamped, and amped. When amped, it adds a slight thickness to the mids and bass.




To follow up on the superb DN-1000 would be challenging, but DN-900 certainly has done that with flying colours, it is not as accomplished nor as refined as its older brother, but I’m certain it is not intended to be, rather, they both complement each other perfectly.


If there is anything I would change, it would be the small-bore tips, as I mentioned earlier, since I don’t like how it sounds when using the small bore tips. Other people might think differently.


Price wise, MSRP is $115 which is spot on, and it’s certainly weighs a lot more than the price, IMHO this is one of the best, if not the best IEM under $150, but of course it all depends on individual taste, anyone who likes a mid-centric sound with a very good bass, this one is certainly for you.


2013 has been Dunu’s year for certain, especially within the $100-$200 market , I for one, can’t wait for the day that Dunu decides to have a go at multi-armature IEM, because judging by the last 2 hybrid releases, I’m sure that anything Dunu touches will become gold

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Using a pelican case for an IEM of that price is a funny idea, not very practical.

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I am getting one soon as well, review should come in 2 weeks or so.
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Originally Posted by quartertone View Post

Using a pelican case for an IEM of that price is a funny idea, not very practical.


I don't see anybody laughing...do you? :wink_face:


it's value mate...VALUE, there surely isn't anything funny about it



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Well, I'm imagining that the yellow is not very popular so DUNU probably got a nice deal on them cases :p

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Your comment seems rather passive aggressive and unnecessary.  Just because that person is using a case to protect his/her investment doesn't render it funny or not practical.  The only thing funny is that you felt the need to comment.

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Personally, I find a nice compact clamshell case handier. We're not talking about a $1000 custom here...

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Guys, just drop the pelican case argument...
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Superbly efficient service from Rocky Dunu, I have just received it...



Too busy at work to do impression at the moment, but I will do so tonight for sure...

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Looking good!
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You should try to compare this thing against the upcoming AX30/35 --- I happen to think the DN-1000 is a better value than the AX60, but I think it might be flipped the other way around with the DN-900 and AX30/35.

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I will be getting both as well. We'll see ehat each of us thinks of them. BTW, how much is the 30/35?
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Another pair of DN-900 will be arriving to me hopefully tomorrow according to the tracking number.

This week sometime with certainty.

I also agree with Tom, DN-1000 offers a better package / value than AX60 to my ears. AX60 was still very nice though.
I'd be interested in hearing AX30/35. Hopefully DN-900 serves up something special. 

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Originally Posted by tomscy2000 View Post

You should try to compare this thing against the upcoming AX30/35 --- I happen to think the DN-1000 is a better value than the AX60, but I think it might be flipped the other way around with the DN-900 and AX30/35.


Is that just an educated guess, or have you had a foretaste?

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