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For Sale: Fischer Audio Silver Bullet

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Fischer Audio Silver Bullet

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Paypal fee 3,4 % + shipping fee

Taken from a Headfi quick review:
Brief: Driver flex galore.

Price: Seem to go for about US$60.

Specification: 12-22000 Hz 102 dB 18 Ohms 60 mW

Accessories: 3 pairs of tips and little baggy type case.

Build Quality: Great, they are little slabs of metal and could well be indestructible.

Isolation: Very good for a dynamic, easily enough for day to day use out and about.

Comfort/Fit: Comfort was fine despite them being metal but as always YMMV. Fit on the other hand was a nightmare. These are just not vented whatsoever and I had nothing but constant venting related issues. Air pressure build up and driver flex abounded to the point these for me were basically unusable.

Aesthetics: These look pretty damn nice. Their name pretty much nails them as they are like shiny silver bullets. Not quite as pretty as the Denon C751 but still pretty damn pretty.

Sound: Well here I had a lot of problems, Fischer Audio may not be the only one to do it but this may be the worst case I’ve encountered. Dynamic drivers need air to move and if you create high or low air pressure on one side of that driver it won’t move like it’s supposed to. I had nothing but air pressure problems here and endless driver flex every time I touched them. I could get these to make a lovely sound but I had to hold them in place to do it. Not everyone might have this issue but for me it meant these basically sounded like cack. I know they can make a great sound but I could not get them to sit properly on their own and after 30 min of trying I gave up. Fail.

Value: If you don’t have the issues I had probably good, for me however they were unusable regardless of what they cost. Why manufacturers think I want isolation at the expense of all else don’t know, if I want isolation ill buy a BA IEM not a dynamic.

Pro’s: Look nice, metal

Con’s: I found them unusable.

Thanks to Advanced Headphones www.advancedheadphones.co.uk for the samples
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Looking for funds for a HD600 recabled can --> I bought the recabled HD600 .. 

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Sale pending
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First IE headphone sold

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Selling the second In-ear headphone (this one has been used only one time).

Includes Original box and accessoires (case and in-ear pads)

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bump 25 euro

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