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looking for headphones

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hi. i am very new to audio. i have always loved music and decided i wanted to really hear my music. i have a 200 dollar limit. i love to listen to dubstep and pretty much all electronic music, rock and metal. i love bass but not too overpowering. ill be listening to music mostly on my desktop computer so i have no problem getting a soundcard if i need one but i would like a portable amp later on. the soundcard is exempt from my price limit because ill just ask for it for Christmas as long as its under 120 dollars. were i live the best headphones you can get are beats by dre and i would rather not buy garbage so im going off your reviews. I'm completely new to this and i was told this is the place to go to get recommended something

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For $200, the ATH-M50 ($110-ish) + a cheap amp (like the FiiO E07K, or the awsome AQDF for $100) will last you a long while.

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I like the UE6000 better than ATH-M50 + E07K will do as well for desktop use smily_headphones1.gif

Hope it helps
Billson smily_headphones1.gif
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