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Cheers everybody!

This is my second post here on Head-fi! This one is gonna be a re-post because

i did´t get the opinions and recommendations i was looking for.

So, i have been looking for a good IE a long time now at  the price range: $60-130. 
I owned a pare of Klipsch Image S4 last year and I liked the sound, but the quality wasn't that great.
This time im looking for a IE that is better than the s4!
I want the new headphones to be very comfortable in my ears. I really love music and i listened to it everywhere.At the gym, school, home, skateboarding, running...yeah, 24/7.:beyersmile:

i have done my research and i have found these IEs that looks kind of interesting.

* Beyer Dynamic MMX 101iE
* Beyerdynamic DTX 101
* Shure se215 
* A- jays three/four
* T-jays three
* Grado iGi
* Nuforce NE-700X
* HiFiMan RE-400 Waterline ( cant get these here in sweden :( (
Sennheiser CX 400-II
* Sennheiser OCX 685i sports
* Sennheiser MM 70i

For most part i listening to oldschool hip hop, dub, dubstep, electro house and some pop.

Witch of these IES is best for me and witch IE should i avoid? If you got other recommendations, you are very welcome!

Thanks and have a good day! :)