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new CIEM line from westone

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Westone has recently announced a new line of custom IEMs that include the ES10,20,30 and 50. no news yet as to what they sound like compared to the previous ES line...but as far as i can tell, they replaced the standard 2-pin connectors with the MMCX connectors of their latest offerings they released earlier this year. 

for the full article click the link : http://myemail.constantcontact.com/WESTONE-ANNOUNCES-LAUNCH-OF-NEWEST-ELITE-SERIES--THE-ULTIMATE-CUSTOM-FIT-IN-EAR-MONITOR-FOR-THE-MUSIC-PROFESSIONAL-AND-AUDIOPHIL.html?soid=1102655398472&aid=vfo1YO_ahAo

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There was speculation they were going to make a 6-driver at some point, but it looks like they keeping the driver count the same, like the Pro series.  Here is my summary and thoughts.

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