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For Sale: FS: Asus EP121 Windows 7 Tablet PC

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For Sale:
FS: Asus EP121 Windows 7 Tablet PC

Will Ship To: USA

PayPal (eChecks will require wait for clearance), fees included and Shipped for free

*I'm in the Los Angeles area, face to face cash deal I'll sell for less than the listed price.

Comes from a non-smoking environment.  Great condition.  Some minor Scuffs and hairline Scratches, they don't show up on photos, but otherwise in excellent condition.  No Dead Pixels, no major scratches on the Screen. 


The LCD does have a small cosmetic issue shown in pics below.  Mostly visible with a black or white screen.  Not sure what it is, some kind of distortion delamination thing?  Not sure.  Annoying if you do graphics work, but not if you're surfing or using for other stuff.    Theyr'e difficult to take pics of.  The Banding and horizontal lines are weird artifacts from using my Camera Phone, that's not how the screen looks. 


I permanently removed one of the USB Covers, as it was a major PITA to remove, broke fingernails prying it open before.  This EP121 does not suffer from the super loud fan problem, the first one I bought and returned had that problem.  LOL, I have absolute **** luck when it comes to Tablet PC's.

Has been restored to stock Windows 7 Home Premium.

Included are:
Asus EP121 Tablet
Pen (docked in the pen silo)
Stock Leather(?) Case
Keyboard (never used it, still sealed)
Original Box and Packaging

*Hamster Not Included

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For Sale: $80 (USD)
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