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MMX 300 with Astro MixAmp

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So I was settled on the Astro a40s until I read how superb the beyerdynamic mmx 300 were supposed to be compared to other gaming headphones. I figured I may as get a nice pair as they are something I would be using for years with my PS4. I'm not at all an audiophile and do not know much about headphones in general but if I'm getting this right all I need is mixamp to get surround sound with the mmx 300? Do I need more than this or should I get a different mix amp? All advice Is greatly appreciated, thanks
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i have owned my mmx300 for almost 3 years now. i bought them on amazon, for a SUPER DEAL. spent 250. but i would more than gladly pay the 400. i bought them because i got sick of $50 headsets breaking over stupid stuff. the mmx300 are just great. and i just hooked mine up to a I-Basso zero dac, and a bravo V2 amp. sounds great. get the mmx300... its worth it. the comfort is superb, wearable for hours on end (trust me ive got around 18 hours + strait with them on). just a great headset. and if you are looking for long lasting, no better choice. hope you get a pair, and if you do, enjoy. forget the astros... plus think about how many years beyer has been in full size headphones.

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