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Hello. Finally joined, been lurking here for a bit. Recently I've renewed my passion for audio. I've always loved music, stereos etc., but lost interest for a period of time, life was busy kicking my butt, however I'm finally getting back to being comfortable again.

Anyway, I am definitely picking up my first set of CIEMS, just a little confused as to what I'd like the best.

My setup will be a Galaxy Note 3 and a FIIO E18. Right now I have Vsonic gr07 BE. They sound good...but I want more and better!! Like everyone else here I suppose.

So I've narrowed it down to these 3:

Heir 8.a
1964 Ears V6 Stage.

I was ready to pull the trigger last week on the 1964 ears. I contacted them last week and their response time has been less than pleasing at this point. Definitely mad me a little upset as spending this type of money on headphones is, to me at least, a major decision. I'd like to know that the customer service will be there.

As of now, I am leaning more towards the Heir 8.a. I'm just concerned that with my setup that I won't be getting the most bang for my buck.

Anyway, I'm open for suggestions. I'd rather not change my setup, but if buying a portable music player will afford me a significantly better experience I will consider it. Thanks.
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I'm quite eager to know how your eventual choice will compare to the GR07BE.:)

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I'm hoping exponentially better. Funny thing, I was watching a movie on my phone and they sounded absolutely amazing, better than any music I have. I really need to start ripping my cd's and have some FLAC.
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That's odd, unless your collection of songs are not of good quality.


You can go here and download high quality songs for free (they only have EDM type music though) but its a good source to test:


According to a forumer here, the GR07 signature is unique and is not replicated by any other IEM in the market.

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Thanks for sharing that link. My collection is mostly mp3s downloaded from Google play store apps.
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I do not recommend Heir as they have a history of crossover design error at the 4kHz range for their IEMs (MRO Blog's analysis on Heir Audio 3.Ai and Heir Audio 4.Ai.)

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Does that apply to the 8.a line as well?
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Originally Posted by warrior1975 View Post

Does that apply to the 8.a line as well?

Can't be sure, but I won't get it until I see some solid frequency analysis results.


p.s. the 4.Ai uses the same design as the 4.A, so I think it will be safe to assume that the 8.A crossover problem will be worse.

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Originally Posted by zamorin View Post

I'm quite eager to know how your eventual choice will compare to the GR07BE.smily_headphones1.gif

just figured I'd update this. I wound up going with the 8.a. I'm extremely happy with them, no regrets. I am interested in hearing other CIEMS, as these are honestly the only ones I've ever heard.

GR07BE, while we're very nice, are not even remotely close to being in the same league. They sounded good, some improvement over any other headphones I've heard to date, but no match for the Heir Audio 8.a's. Heir Audio, for me is on another level. I've never heard anything quite as nice. I'm in love right now.
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