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Hello everyone, I hope this is the right place to post about portable speakers.


Well, to be honest I would rather just use my headphones with my iPad, but when I want to watch something with my girlfriend or with more people, I find the iPad's soudn to be quite underachieving.


So I decided to purchase a portable speaker to boost it's audio a little.


I wanted something considerably portable that I could take on trips, but that also allowed for conference calls. In the end I got these two as my main options:


- The new Foxl Dash 7: which according to Foxl has a sound slightly better than the Foxl v2 but it's considerably smaller.


- The Jambone mini Jambox: which to me seems like a copy of the dash but with a different design and maybe some modifications in the audio department as well.


Now if this is just like the previous case Jambox/Foxl v2, where the Jambox was just a copy of the Foxl v2 but with worse sound and their boxy design I would go with the Dash 7. But I haven't heard much from anyone about these two new speakers. So I am asking around here where I know people look for good quality sound.


Has anyone compared them or at least own one of them to tell me what they think about them/it?


Or if someone thinks there is a better option than these two please I would love to hear about it. I need something portable with good sound, especially to watch videos and sometimes put some music on.


Ok, that is all, I hope someone can help me and I thank you in advance.

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