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Fiio e7/e9 troubleshooting

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Hi, I haven't used my Fiio e7/e9 in awhile and just wanted to make sure everything is hooked up correctly..I've moved like 4 times in the past couple months, so I'm not sure if I'm missing a cable or something :o


My issue currently is that I receive no sound in my headphones.







Currently my sennheiser HD600s are plugged into the amp (have tried adjusting the volume knob).  The DAC is inside the amp, and the power is on.  Connected to the amp is a cable that is connected to a usb slot in my computer.


I have also selected 2- Audio DAC under the sound properties in my computer -- and bars are lit up as if music is playing, but no sound comes out.


Am I missing a connection here, or is there a possibility some part has gone bad?


I have yet to test the headphones from another source -- but I need some type of adapter as the current plug is really wide.


Excuse the lack of technical terms as I'm quite the A/V novice :o

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One good way is to reset the e7 with a paperclip in the reset hole. Then you know that the e7 is in default config. Try adjusting volume on e7 and e9. I remember that from somewhere to be an issue.

Other than that, USB to amp, DAC firmly inserted in dock of amp, headphones into amp, seems totally correct to me.

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So I bought a little connector to make my headphone size smaller so I could test it off my computer speakers, and I have found that my headphones are still working properly.


Which I am happy about of course, but now I have determined the source of the problem to either be the amp, or the DAC.  I have rechecked all of the connections and still, no sound :(


I have the USB from the amp plugged into the computer -- i just want to make sure, is there no power cord that connects the E9 to a power source?


Thanks for your input btw!

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found it...nvm!! thank you

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