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<50$ IEM recommendation

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I've been browsing the forums and different reviews for quite some time now whenever I need some new audio equipment.

And now again, I've been browsing the 300+ list of IEM's for the last couple of days, but still have trouble deciding.


I'm looking for a (new/first) pair of IEMs under the magical 50$/€ mark.

I've never really used IEMs and always stuck with my headphones. Currently own a pair of m50's which I truly love, amazing sound.

But they are a bit inconvenient, and I'm afraid bringing them with me where ever I go will result in them breaking. So before I get struck by a sudden downpour or something else happens to them I want a pair of decent IEMs.


Now if there wasn't so much choice this would be easy. But I'm blown away by the amount of IEMs in the price range I'm looking for.

So I come here asking for a helping hand and some information/personal experience.


I listen to a wide variety of music, from rock, indie, metal and post rock to classical, glitch and some japanese pop/rock.

I really want some good comfort for long listening periods. And durable as well.

The IEMs which currently interest me:

Soundmagic e10

Soundmagic e30

Soundmagic pl50

vsonic gr99


Rock-it sound r20

Brainwavz m5

Etymotic Research

VSonic R02


As you can see this is quite a list and they all seem to get good reviews.

Soundmagic is really the only one which is steadily available in my country (Netherlands). Resulting in having to buy the other IEMs from Amazon or Ebay.

Would it be worth going through the effort of buying it oversees for the other IEMs? Or are the 3 soundmagic great options as well?

If so which one would be best suited?



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Get the Soundmagic ES18. In the US it is just $12, around 1/3 of the price of the E10. Those who have both say they sound very similar. I love my ES18. I have never heard the E10. As for the JVC HA-FX40, it is very bright and the treble hurts my ears when playing some music. Imo the Soundmagic ES18 is a great first IEM, as it sounds great. Some people never get used to using IEMs, so if you are one of them, then not much money has been wasted. The main flaws of the ES18 is that the driver is just 10mm. While it has decent bass, it doesn't have the strong lower bass that some people crave, which you can get with the Sony MDR-EX210B and its 13.5mm drivers. The ES18 also looks and feels  inexpensive with its colorful lightweight plastic(I guess they need to give some people a reason to spend 3x as much and get the E10).

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I suggest the Vsonic VSD1. It's supposed to have 80% of the performance of the GR07s which costs $150.

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The ES18 isn't available here.  It's annoying how much we miss out on getting.

Same thing goes with the vsonic. Even the German amazon doesn't have them. Why are all these IEM's relatively hard to get? Small brands doing zero to non marketing/distribution?

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You can get vsonics here with free shipping to Netherlands:

(they are a very reputable website)

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Ahh that's nice. I'll take a look at it. I see it's based in Singapore, which might make things easier since I'm actually going to Singapore in January.

Thanks for the heads up!

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I just went to a store which had some IEMs and asked if they could let me try some.

As said they didn't really have many of the in the OP mentioned IEMs, but they did have the few soundmagics.


Seeing as I have never really used IEMs much, I don't have anything to compare it to.

There was however one thing which struck me. I have a pair of samsung IEMs which came with my phone and they go much louder.

I was rocking the e30's at max volume on my phone and my ears didn't nearly start bleeding. (Which they did with the samsung). Especially the highs on the samsung sound like they just pierce your ears. Too sharp.

However everything did sound more crisp and detailed, straight out of the box. (Seeing as so many people say you need some time to adjust to the sound or the funny burning in.)

They were incredible comfy. that was for sure. I barely felt them in my ears while the samsung ones just feel like somebody stuck a finger in my ear and can't get it out.


Now seeing as I tried these, and felt like an improvement would it be a good buy for first IEMs?

The only issue which I had on site was the volume, which could be a bit louder to me. I don't have a portable amp though so I can't fix that issue straight away.


erhhh all talk short.

e30 go or no go?

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