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Hi all, new here, just hoping to get some advice on creating a good audio environment for Xbox One gaming.


I've currently got a pair of Astro A40s + 2011 Mixamp combo that I bought new a couple years back. The comfort is great, but the positional audio isn't really spectacular, plus the A40s are kinda ****ty build quality. I've stuck with this on the Xbox 360 because it just worked.


Now that I've got the Xbox One, I can't quite use the A40s as a headset, instead only as headphones (due to the proprietary Micro$oft controller connector). Looking to upgrade headphones, a friend recommended to me the Sennheiser HD558.


I've got a couple concerns...


1) I heard that the Xbox One doesn't support surround sound from the optical audio output (not yet anyways, to be released with a future software patch somehow?!), and that it only supports 5.1-7.1 surround via HDMI output. This effectively makes my Astro Mixamp useless because it doesn't receive HDMI input, only a handful of other options.


2) Even if I do find some way to get digital surround output from the Xbox One, I've been reading up on headphones, DACs, and Amps... and I'm not quite sure how to find the appropriate combo to stay within that golden 1/8th rule. I believe the Sennheiser HD558's impedence is 50ohms, which means I'd need an to find an amp with <6 ohm impedence?


To address concern #1, I'm wondering if it's at all possible to use something like this device to receive HDMI input and then split the optical out from there (assuming this device outputs surround via optical, which I don't know)


Anyways, sorry for the wall of text as my first post here, I'm just new to this whole audiophile thing and would like to find some sort of solution.


By the way, if it helps, I mostly play Call of Duty type games (most recently CoD: Ghosts) and am looking to create a rich environment for great positional sound.