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So this is my first post to this site and I am hoping some of you could help me out!


I am shopping for myself this Christmas season and I decided to spend some time looking into a really nice set of headphones. I'm not going to waste any of your time by telling you I want to spend less than $200 because lets be honest, the quality we are all looking for cannot be found in such a price range. However, I would like to stay in between the $400-$500 (can be a bit flexible).


I do not have a preference on whether they are open or closed headphones, I am looking for the best quality I can get. I really enjoy heavier music such as hardcore, metal, dubstep, and even the occasional rap. So therefore they need to have some really good bass. So far I have been looking at the Ultrasone PRO 900 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Headphones which come in at $400 and are popular for their bass. The only reason why I haven't capitalized on these already is that I was wondering from you guys if there are better headphones for what I'm looking for especially since these are closed headphones and I have read that having open ones can make a world of difference.


Overall, I'm fairly new to the audio world and really have no idea whats the best out there. Keep in mind....BASS.


Thank you everyone!