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For Sale:
FS: Westone UM2 - Bought on Head-Fi 7 years ago!

Will Ship To: North America

Hey Head-Fi,


It's been a long time since I last frequented these forums, but all the while I was enjoying the headphones that I have to let go. I'm traveling and need as many funds as possible, as I have to fit all of my possessions into a backpack for a year. I purchased these from this post:


Forgive me as I save some time by copying what the original seller so eloquently itemized (with some edits). In the package, you'll receive the original Westone hard box (though a piece of plastic on the left hand side of the clip has broken off -- it still closes extremely tightly), 1 cleaning tool and many tips which are: 6 pairs of 11 Shure small soft flex sleeves, 1 pair of Shure small flex sleeves, 1 pair of Shure medium flex sleeves, 1 pair of Shure large flex sleeves (the clear ones), 2 pairs of Shure universal fit foamies, 2 pairs one pair of small comply tips, 2 pairs of long comply tips, 1 pair of Large Shure soft flex sleeves, 1 pair of Shure medium soft flex sleeves (the softer grey ones), and 2 pairs of Shure Triple-Flange Sleeves; one original and one modded.


This was a great deal in my eyes for $229 way back in 2006. Since then they have been on three trips to Westone in Colorado for some repair from being used.. any time I needed music, relaxation, or escape when using public transportation: once for moisture buildup which they cleaned out, and twice for new cabling. Each visit was $36 + shipping one way, so I've used them frequently but also ended up investing in them. A great in-ear monitor will do that to you, I have not known any better... maybe some day!


I'm selling these for $175 + shipping from Canada.


Thanks for your interest, all PMs welcome.