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For Sale: WTB: Stax SRM-252S

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For Sale:
WTB: Stax SRM-252S

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I've edited my original post as I have realized that the much smaller profile of the Stax SRM-252S will better fit my very limited desktop space and also allow the amp to stack easily with my existing dynamic gear.


My purpose for the SRM-252S is to drive a pair of Lambda SR-307 and even more so, a pair of Koss ESP-950 headphones. Really the main use will be for the Koss cans as I think I prefer their sound over the 307's and I'm not at all interested in using the rather weak, stock Koss energizer (which will simply be shelved for back up).


So if you have a SRM-252S then please let me know ... interested in purchasing immediately.


The above stated price is simply a ball park. Have no idea what these are going for used.






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Edited to change from SRM-313 to SRM-252S ... which is going to be much more reasonable for my desktop space.

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Bumping this one more time as a last ditch effort .. going to just order a new one if I don't hear anything here in the next few hours.

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