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Help me stop smashing my head against my desk. Headphones $100-$500

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Been trying to avoid making my own post on anything, as there's usually always someone else in the same situation as I am.

This isn't the case this time it looks like though.


I'm looking for my first "real" pair of headphones. Open, closed, doesn't matter, however I'm not interested in IEMs for right now.


Noise-leakage isn't an issue, as I have an office to myself at work, and listening at home is my own business.

Comfort, however, is a large deal. I don't mind sort of uncomfortable headphones, but I'd rather not have sandpaper on my ears for 8 hours.


My budget is fairly open, as I'm a believer of getting what you pay for. But if there's headphones that you guys think will match my needs for less than my top budget, by all means suggest them.


I've read a lot about Sennheiser 558, 598 and 600 and what most people say is that they aren't as 'fast'.

I've read about the ATH m50's and it seems like they just aren't on the same level as other headphones.

The Grado 225i's seem like they'd be good, but I just can't see how even with modding they'd be comfortable enough to wear for more than 30 minutes.


I listen to a mixture of music, but my "home" is metal.

I'll list a few specific examples:


(Helloween: I'm alive) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiZoGwXcP50

(Avantasia: Sign of the cross) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd5wkamIwPU

(Avantasia: The Scarecrow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-PkfKZAT6E

(Hammerfall: Hammerfall) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uawjxsil9yM

Bonus round (Nine inch nails: sin) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEWdjtMmqGo



I've been in the headphone market since early August, but I just cant pull the trigger with this much uncertainty.



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And this is where my past electrical technology troubleshooting experience comes in play.

I am not sure what type of source you have, but a great starting point is the beyerdynamic dt800 cans, which are semi open and leak sound, but does not flood sound. The impedence varies, and will go accordingly, based on source:

32 ohms- portable devices to shelf systems
80 ohms- shelf systems to home theater receivers
250 ohms- home theater receivers to studio equipment
600 ohms- studio equipment to specialized equipment like high-powered headphone amplifiers

The prices vary from $207-$349, based on impedence, but the dt880s work great at many genres. One thing though, they are not portable and the cable is not plug-in, so keeping them at the office is very ideal to keep wear and tear down. Hope this helps.

Edit: The impedence-to-source list is on recommendation and not required. For instance, portable players can be played at 80 ohms with 75% volume and shelf systems can be played at 50-80% volume, but might sound like the player/system is struggling with keeping up with it's electrical current.
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I was looking at the 880's but couldn't find a review for my type of music.

I'm not too afraid of being able to drive them, as I could always purchase an amp/dac or throw a better soundcard into my rig at home.


Truth be told, I'd likely buy 2 pairs of the headphones if they're "THAT" good. One for office, one for home so portability isn't necessary.


I'll definitely give the 880's a better read then though since you brought them up, thanks for the input!

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You're welcome. Keep this thread as a impedence-to-source reference point, just in case your equipment of choice remains plugged into the outlet. Also, check this thread out:


The link is on top of this forum section. The thread has the dt800 ranked around #30 and goes into decent depth of its capabilities, as well as other reviews of other cans. Happy listening!
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