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Programmer seeking ~$300 Over-the-Ear Headphones

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Hi everyone,


I'll cut right to the chase: I'm looking for a solid pair of over the ear headphones for use in both my home and a possibly noisy office environment, as well as for use on public transportation. I care about sound quality, so I want my headphones to provide great sound (especially at $300) but I do need at least solid sound isolation so that I can focus in a busy area.


From reading other threads, here's some information I think might be useful:


- I listen to a lot of Rap and other Hip-hop, Pop and Dubstep with a sprinkling of awesome movie and video game soundtracks. I want my bass to be heavy and offer some punch, but I don't want to lose definition elsewhere, so I definitely don't want something like Beats which sacrifice full-range quality for pure bass. Ideally, I'd have headphones well suited to all of these genres.


- I need sound isolation at the very least, and noise canceling is even better. I don't mind the "pressure" that some people describe and like being able to work in silence, so closed-ear, sound isolating or noise canceling are necessary features.


- I just tried the Sennheiser Momentums as they seemed to offer what I needed, and while I enjoyed using them for a few days I found their "oomph" lacking and the ear cups were too small for my ears, making extended listening sessions (something I do a lot while coding) uncomfortable quickly.


I've looked at:

     - Sennheiser Momentum

     - Sennhesier PXC 450

     - Bose QC 15's (who hasn't)

     - PSB M4U 2's


Honestly though I probably have no idea what to look for, which is why I'm here for your recommendation.


I also use earbuds for on-the-go listening and have been a proud owner of the Klipsch s4i series for the past few years. I really like them and they are an absolute steal for their price.

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I've looked at some other options, such as the Sennhesier PXC 450 (currently on sale under my price range) coupled with the Fiio E17, which was recommended in reviews to combat the very high power usage of the 450's.


I'd really appreciate recommendations or tips!

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V-moda m-100?

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I would also consider mad dogs for the budget of 300 $.

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I will not recommend the Momentum for long sections, and get the XL pads if you want the M-100.  I have a feeling that you will be better off with IEMs.  Sony MDR-1R, Audio Technica ATH-M50, Sennheiser 598, and AKG Q701 are all known for their comfort with good SQ.

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Originally Posted by DrSheep View Post

 I have a feeling that you will be better off with IEMs.

I have been using CX 550 in office. The main purpose is to isolate the surrounding noise. I am satisfied with them in terms of isolation and also SQ.

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I second the recommendation for Mad Dogs at that price. Am listening to mine as I type this--the comfort is great, and the isolation is pretty good. And the sound is ridiculously good: balanced (maybe a little warm?), good clarity but definitely not shrill, excellent bass.

Just prepare to look like a dork on the train.

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Interesting recommendations guys. I've taken a look at the links in DrSheep's answer and checked out the Mad Dogs.


On the M-100s:

    One of my friends has them and is happy with them, but I don't like their sound very much - their highs feel a bit tinny to me, but that's just my opinion.


On the Sony - 1R(BT)s:

    They seem to get very good reviews for comfort and sound, but their materials look flimsy and I'm looking to make a significant investment - I want these headphones to last years.


On the Mad Dogs:

    These look very interesting. I'm worried their sound will be too flat for me, as I do like a little punch in my bass considering the music I listen to.


On the Sennhesier 598s:

    These are open, so they leak tons of sound. Considering I want to wear these in the office, that's a deal breaker. It's a shame too, because they look great. Same with the AKGs.



Good recommendations guys, I'm taking a good look at some new brands now.

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