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Looking for a comparison between xb90ex and wooduo 2

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Can anyone help?
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See if you can the info in these extensive comparison threads:


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thank you

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Here's a new review of the Wooduo-2 from a very satisfied user:



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right on! thanks again. it seems that the wooduo is quite the little IEM. i own the xb90ex and i do enjoy it, but i really dont feel satisfied with it. to me the soundstage is smaller than that of the xb30ex. the mids seem fine and the treble is there, i guess the main thing i have an issue with is the bass. it focuses mainly on sub bass and does so very well, but i find myself missing some of that mid bass. oh and a side note, i cant stand the cable its flat, thick and stiff and still gets tangled alot. also i read something about aluminum housing and abs plastic, but man do these boys feel like plastic all over (except for the sony logo on the top of the bud). the fit is also not very good. i get driver flex in both ears and had to try lots -o- tips to find a good fit. they are comfortable though, once installed. i really cant fault their sub bass performance because they do deliver alot more than the xb30ex. but thanks agian for the replys. i think i will eventually try the wooduo.  

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I got to listen to both of these. Out of the box the wooduo 2 is better, but once the sony is equalized its no contest. The sony becomes an amazing all rounder vs the bass pumping wooduo. Props to highsound though for making such a great iem for the money. I would keep my xb90ex over the wooduo simply because the mids and highs and soundstage are all better. Its a much more refined sound vs the wooduo. Unless you are looking solely for bass quantity, the xb90ex is still my #1 sub bass iem. I forgot to mention this but the xb90ex extends to lower frequencies better vs the wooduo. The wooduo only has the upper hand past 80hz or so.
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yeah that sub bass on the 90's is just beautiful. man i wish i had an eq to use with them. i listen mostly to spotify and there arent any eq's that work with streaming music....i would love to see how they sound eq'd

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Haha...thickt you are in luck. An application called viper4windows can be used to eq all system sounds on pc. The same goes for if you have a an android. You can use viper4android for streaming music as well. Honestly the potential of xb90ex when eqed is like having a studio flat reference sound with amazing realistic mids and sparkly highs and utter crazy sub bass. Honestly, its the best bass iem still for me.
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So let me get this straight, if I have a android phone, I just what, go to the App Store and download viper4android?
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No viper4android has their own forum and site for downloading the app.
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This is the main forum post...

And this is their official english website...
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Cool thanks
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Ok guys

For those who gonna buy xb90ex

Burn for 200hrs on white noise at very very low volume(white can damage 20%)

Burn on pink noise for 100hrs on low volume(40%)

Use frequency sweeps in sin and cos below 40%

Use viper DDC to corect xb90ex to flatter response

Use automatic gain control to slight

Eq is disabled

Frequency extension to 0.1

You will not get the xb90 sound but you will get something beyond a bassheads understanding

I was turned from basshead to treble lover and now an audiophile

Xb90ex actually makes the tighter bass(after flat eq) look larger yet lovely extendable to sub bass

Mid bass comes to life and thump hard(no humping effect)

Mids become smoother, forward and energetic yet retaining sony smooth mids design(sounds like ex1000)

Treble roll of due to bass effect goes to negligible and gets some love at headstage point(after 15khz)

The sound becomes very large(looks more of an artificial soundstage)but then the axis are perfectly round(x and y axis are same) plus depth makes it near to sphere(frequency extension limitation)but yeah depth is enough to come par with senn ie800

Actually the advanced vibe structure works pretty nicely when air pressure is optimised(it was created for bass where mids dont recess, but when u reduce the badass bass by 8db...it makes the bass decay, mid decay and 5khz sharp point decay into very tight crazyness

Get a toppings nx1a amplifier for this power hungry monster

They will sound more in 500$ segment
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Bad point is upper mids(female vocal arent the strong point after eq)because harmonics lies between 5khz to 8khz but tonality lies nearby 20khz...and these earphone perform best on 15khz to 18khz treble part and then slightly roll off where female vocal lies and then normally roll of from 25khz(sense data)....

If u eq that the sound will become grainy......so let it be like normal eq...it was fixed by my lovable topping nx1a amp(better than fiio e11)
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All bassheads have more calibur to become audiophile as basshead iem if eq will lead to more potential

Bass region needs more amplification...reducing it is like smoothing watt graph where you can properly change mid structure

Bass earphone are mostly designed to decay less with lot of bass

Remove extra bass and the decay is like 1000$ audeze

Removal of decay makes sound faster,as driver dont tend to rattle uselessly..

Cant shape treble though....as these arent pure hi fi

Bassheads get there bass even after flat because the driver of most bass iem is tend to produce more pressure on bass part plus bigger driver

The proper company try to not bleed frequencies(sony xb90) which makes eq even more better

Lowering bass means huge sound seperation.....low depth from before due to low bass but the headstage gets a proper structure

Mid bass and sub bass hits make possible to listen double bass with clear distinction
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