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Where would this meet be? I've never been to one

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Hi guys, when and where to meet? I live in the osu campus, Columbus.  I do not have a car but I really want to attend this meeting, I personal have DT990, HD800, shp9000 (for dap), mytek 192 and spl2730. I am really exciting to attend it outside of Columbus if someone can give a pick up. Nice to meet you guys.

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Not sure if there is one planned, but the last one was in Westerville.

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I've got space in downtown Cincinnati for at least 30-40 people.
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Originally Posted by eostoich View Post

I've got space in downtown Cincinnati for at least 30-40 people.



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Yeah right across the street from the casino.
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I'd be in for a Cinci meetup. And I know that AxelCloris would be up for it as well. 

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I'd be in as well. I'm in town every other week, at least. I'll bring the Mad Tree :beerchug:

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Cincinnati meetup? Heck yeah. Shorter drive means I get to spend more time there.

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Maaaaaybe interested.  Depends what gear who shows up I guess.

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Well I have a few new toys that may be of interest everyone. I won't name names at this point, but AxelCloris stopped by a few days ago to pick up some of his soldering supplies that I borrowed and he saw a few of the new additions. They should be new/unique items compared to the last meet.

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Also, I fully expect Eee Pee to give me **** for wasting money on stuff that I don't need and to point out flaws in the gear that I have. These comments are useful in the cycle of upgrades.

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Without names, I don't care.  


Shakes fist in the southern direction.

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Go and talk and converse here about the new meet thread


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