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For Sale: Hifiman HE-400 + JERGPad Mod

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For Sale:
Hifiman HE-400 + JERGPad Mod

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Purchased these from Moon Audio >10 months ago (receipt image uploaded). Excellent condition. >50 hours of use. When not in use, they have lived in their velour pouch. Following the instructions in the forum, I spent 3+ hours successfully making the Jergpad mod, which sounds way better than the original pads. Only issue is a slight disconnect of the sheathing of the cable at its Y-connect (see image below), but this has no effect on the performance of the headphones.


These headphones are great, but I have come to realize that I am more of an IEM guy over a full-can guy. I recently upgraded to a pair of JH16 CIEM, so these wonderful headphones are simply collecting dust! 


Please PM with any questions!

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You willing to sell the jergpads?
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