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For Sale: Shure SE-535

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Shure SE-535

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Have used these for 2 years. Excellent condition. Brand new replacement cable. Includes original packaging/accessories and a plethora of different tips (including Beatportz). I have upgraded to JH16 custom in-ears, so I have no need for my beloved SE535s anymore! 


Please PM with any questions! 

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Great price.
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Are those etymotic tips? If so, can I have a few? :)

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What kinda tips are those funny looking ones.. The clear ones?
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Those are etymotic tri-flange tips!


The clear tips are ProGuard EarPortz (size XL): . They are interesting, but I ultimately preferred Shure tri-flange. 

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Are these still available?  Cannot PM due to 2 message allowance.





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Sorry for the lack of update, but they have been SOLD!


Thanks everyone for the interest!

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