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I just received my DX100 DAP, and I like it a lot. I got it based on many reviews here and there that it could drive the LCD-3, and I did not want a player with an amp attached. Anyway , it does drive my LCD-3  ( they're 45 ohms ) but unlike some reviews " with authority, ideal, etc...) I find they sound anemic to what I'm used to with them. So I'm planning a second set of headphones. My LCD-3 have a sensitivity of 91 db, and mu question is: would 96 db headphones make a  sensible difference, or I need to go higher? I tried a friend's AH-D7000 ( I think they're 106 or 107 db ) on the DX100 and I could feel how easy they were to drive, and they sounded like they were getting plenty of power,  mind you they had  very boomy bass, but that's another story. So does 5 db  sensitivity make a  noticeable difference ?