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Just so everybody don´t think I am a dinosaur yes I have spotify ;)


I found a Sony CDP-CE235 for 9$ and thought I could have some fun with it. I do have a decent CD collection but had no dedicated CD player been using my bluray players as in Sony BDP-S370 and Asus BDS-700 mostly for that.


There is one big con with this as in no remote. And it´s built in the good old days it´s huge compared to my slim bluray players.  must say it impresses more then I really want. It stands up great to my dedicated DACs. Very distortion free as promised and sound neutral and transparent to me. And with my ear against the unit I can´t say I really detect any noise. Only time it make noise is during disc changes which is understandable.

I recon there is no IR receiver in this or anything so you could get a remote? It was on a store for used items but googling seem to indicate there is no stock remote for it anyway.