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Hi everyone!


I am a drummer that is playing in a fairly active bar band.  I am starting to play live with a click track and some backing tracks from my iPad.  I am currently running my click and backing track channels into a small mixer, which I use to drive a pair of Vic Firth isolation headphones (cans).


I would like to get a pair of IEM's to use in place of the big Vic Firth cans, and I'd also like to bring a monitor feed from the board into my mixer.  That way I can adjust the balance between the monitor mix, click track, and backing tracks.


I've been doing some reading, though, and have read some stern warnings about using IEMs without a limiter.  Folks say that you could be in for some serious damage if someone unplugs a microphone or something while your IEMs are in place.  So now I am very concerned, because I do not have a limiter on my mixer, and I'm using wired Shure SE215's, which have no limiter either.


As far as I can tell, the only ways to add a limiter to my system are a) add an outboard limiter like a Rolls SL33 or rackmount unit, b) use wireless instead of wired IEM, or c) use something like the Tasty Blender instead of a mixer.


EDIT:  I should add that I also have a FiiO E07K that I use at work.  Would using this to drive the IEM provide any kind of limiter effect?


Outboard gear means more gear to lug around, and as a drummer I have plenty already.  Wireless is not really needed since I am stationary, and it gets to be rather expensive anyway.  The Tasty Blender might be OK, but it seems odd that they are the only ones making a product like that, and I prefer having a mixer that can be used in other situations as well.


I was wondering what other people are doing in this situation.  Have you found a limiter to be really necessary, and if so, how do you handle it?

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