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Best solution for me?

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Hi everyone!

I'm a newcomer to this community, and am looking for a high entry level headphone and amp combo. Recently, I have been researching the likes of the AKG K550, Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, Audio Technica Ath M50, and the Sennheiser HD 598. For amps, I've been looking at the C&C BH2, Fiio E11,E12, and E18.
My budget is in the "MSRP of $350 but sells for around $250 on Amazon" for headphones, and nothing over $150 for a portable amp.
What I mostly listen to is:
1. Indie Rock
2. Electronic
3. Progressive Rock/Metal
4. Movies/TV
I enjoy "bright" sounding headphones, with good bass. I'm not a bass head by any means, but I do enjoy being able to have a decent amount at my disposal when listening to electronic music in particular. With genres such as Indie, I like a very precise sound, as I'm a very analytical listener when it comes to that.
What I have now is a pair of Sennheiser HD 429s, and I'm craving am upgrade from the muddled sound they (mostly) produce. My main and only source is my Android phone, with a custom audio processing engine/DSP manager called "Viper4android".
Please help me out finding the best setup for me!
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When I had an Ibasso DX100 for review I felt the K550 was the best for power and progressive metal, just a touch behind my HD600s, but it works better out of my Galaxy S3 and iPad. In terms of bass, on first impression the HD600 seems like it has more, but amplification qualities being more or less equal (same volume, amp isn't heavily biased towards current nor voltage, etc) for both, the HD600 is just a tad warmer and excess bass on subpar amplification is likely just the distortion its drivers induce out of them.


And for $150 I'd get the O2 amp. I tried my D-Zero with the Q701, K550, and HD600, and on all of them it sounds a little bit "off" - generally too warm and a bit unnatural with some notes. The O2 is known to punch well above its price so that's about the only one I'd risk buying without hearing.

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