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Hi there,


I'm planning to purchase the iBasso DX50. However , undecided on which bundle to get.


Option 1: iBasso DX50 + Brainwavz R3 = $254.50

Option 2: iBasso DX50 + DUNU DN-1000 = $429.50


It's hard to define the style of music always listen to because I'm always listening to different genres.


I'm currently using the Ath-M50, looking to spend around ~200$ that will give an improvement in sound quality. 


Do you think it's worth paying extra for the DUNU DN-1000?


Or should I go with Brainwavz R3? Perhaps the R3 will do or I could save up for an alternative? Don't care if it's an IEM or a headphone (preferably Closed for travel).


Any advice is greatly appreciated!