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Seeking a recommendation (my wish list)

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I'm hoping some knowlegable person can recommend a set of headphones with the features listed below. I'm willing to pay up to $200 but preferably less, after discovering that my $99 noise-canceling Sony's emulated my son-in-law's $400 Bose. I'm now convinced price does not necessarily equate with value. Since I already have several flat "studio" headphones in my studio, I'm looking for something with a bit of punch. I like bass but not overly-booming, like those sold at drug stores. Below is my wish list of features in a set of headphones. Yeah, I know I'm asking a lot for so little, but maybe they exist:


1. Clarity (I want to hear all the sounds).
2. Low resistance, like about 32 -40 ohms (its for an MP3 player).
3. Circumaural as I don't like to have my ears squeezed.
4. Swivel cups.
5. Passive noise canceling (I don't want to mess with batteries).
6. Preferably straight cable, at the very least 6 ft, and prefeably one that plugs into the headphones. The cable MUST connect to only one can.
7. Durable cover over the padding. To me the "leatherette" invention is planned obsolesnce, just a marketing plan to sell replacements every 6 months. I don't wish to encourage consumer exploitation.
8. A brand name, some company that will still be around tomorrow; so that I can get support if I need it in the future.
9. Not collapsable as I find those type annoying. Like plug n' play, I like to pick up and listen.


There, that just about does it. So is there anything out there that remotely resembles one with these features, either over-the-head or neckband?

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That's quite a list.  It would help if you can ID the cans that meet the many objective requirements (I count 9, including price).  Then we can tell you which of these we believe best satisfies requirement #1 and the sound signature you seek.

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K 550

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Originally Posted by rubinstein View Post

K 550

+1 AKG K550

HarmanAudio (AKG) sells refurbs K550 with factory warranties on eBay, my winning bid was $180


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But the K 550 folds flat.  If I'm reading the OP correctly, that's a problem.


I also suspect that its pads don't qualify.

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I really do like this site...lots of knowledgable folks..


My thinking is that I can regulate the amount of bass by running the audio through an equalizer, since this set of cans is an addition to my studio and more for enjoying music than mixing recorded tracks. And I enjoy just about every genre, from Bill Monroe to Sarah Brightman. So the accuracy of the AKG K550s with their excellent sensitivity is appealing to me. I don't mind the Bose curve (slightly beefed up 40-100 Hz and 8-16 KHz with a drop in the upper mid-range). The sound typical in the mid-priced Sony's also appeals to me. What I can't do is make earphones faithfully reproduce the the original signals.


Taking a close look at the K550s, the covering of the earpads looks more sturdy than those with the super thin leatherette finish, with lots of little creases. I lost count of the number of headphones I had with that finish that peeled away in less than a year. I interpret that technology to be part of modern manipulation in consumerism...quite dishonest. But since there's hardly a manufacturer that doesn't subscribe to that marketing practice, I may well have to compromise. Hm, I wonder if it's possible to cover them yourself with some stretch material?


There a number of sites I found that are selling the K550s for $125 or "make offer." But I'll wait for more advice.



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