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Hey people, am producing edm , electric and dubby types of music.  I am looking for good over ear headphones to use.  and I  also need ones that are good for listning.I currently have beats studio but i have realised the price was mostly for the name and style.   I do not much care is they look weird as long as they have good sound quality.  I have heard great things about the V-modda M100s, punchy bass, but a bit resessed highs and midds.  I like bass but not to where it gets unclear.  I have heard things about tiesto's akg brand, i think thats what it is called...         But i just need advise on what to get.     my budget is 350 and lower.    :deadhorse:and what the heck is this? 

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Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO, 80 Ohms ($230)

Can get FiiO D03K ($28) and Schiit Magni ($99) to power it


Total for $359




Beating a dead horse is what that Smiley is called.

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