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In ear headphones - $100

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Hello everyone! It's the holiday season and I've decided to get a nice pair of headphones. 



- My price range has a limit of $100. No "if you pay $120 you can get this". $100.


- They must be durable. Nothing too incredible but nothing that snaps if I pull on the cord a little.


- They obvious must sound good for the price.




My use


I listen to mostly Rock and Metal music.


These will be stay-at-home earbuds. I have a pair of cheap Sony's for outdoor use


They must be available in Canada. If it's an online store they must be able to ship to Canada.





I prefer darker headphones (black) but if I must I'll go with another colour.




I've been looking at aiaiai's (European DJ friend told me to) and some Sennheisers. I'm assuming these are all priced high so I came here to see what my options are. I understand that this can be VERY OPINIONATED and I'll take that into account. Thanks!

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Hello and welcome!


This is a pretty useful guide for people looking to buy Iem's


Do some reading, and if you have further questions you can ask here. 

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I highly recommend the shure se215. They have the bass you need with good mids and a nice sparkle for the price. I listen to rock as well, and they do a pretty good job in almost all genres. The soundstage is also considerably wide for the tiny drivers they have. The msrp is $120, but I got mine for $95 shipped from amazon. They come in a semi transparent black, or clear. Very sturdy cable with Kevlar reinforcement. They block out a little more noise than sleeping plugs, so you may consider taking them out of the house if you use public transport, but you may want to be more aware of your surroundings when traveling.
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If you like them enough, you can buy an upgrade cable for about $35 (the same cost to replace the stock cable. YES, the cables are replaceable). For a few additional dollars you can try the flange tips too which in my opinion give a better, more comfortable seal with more noise isolation and a slightly clearer sound.
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Its easier to recommend if you can tell what kind of sound signature you are looking for.

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